Con the Fruiterer

Con the fruiterer scorns welfare recipients so much that they decide to set up a fruit stall next to him driving him out of business, now Con hates them even more.

Job Network Providors

The job network providers did such a great job of finding jobs for all the unemployed, that they now find themselves unemployed.

The 100% volunteer

A man decided to devote all his time, money, and resources to helping those less fortunate than him that eventually he died of starvation.

The Good Samaritan

A man, who was on his way to a job interview, sees a cyclist with a flat tyre, and decides to pull over and help. “It’s ok” the cyclist says, “I can sort this out myself”. The good Samaritan replies, “I am here to serve God and thus I am here to serve you”. “No problems” the cyclist says and permits him to help. An hour later, the cyclist finds that he is going for the same job as the good Samaritan, and after all applications have been heard discovers that the job was awarded to the good Samaritan. Seeing the cyclist the good Samaritan then says “better luck next time buddy” and walks off.