Implementing the model

I have studied law now for 6 years, although not for academic purposes. I more began my personal studies into law (among many other subjects) due to an inner need to resolve issues I see facing the world and especially my relationship with my community and government, as it is here that I find that all issues begin.

I do not intend to attempt to rely on politics or any political process in order to implement this model for many reasons, including, because politics is not based on objective reasoning or facts but is based on desires and beliefs, and more so because politics is primarily concerned with property owners, and where it is concerned with matters outside of property, it does so reluctantly.

Instead, I intend to rely on law itself, because at the end of the day, anyone who challenges the implementation of this model will ultimately need to prove that its implementation will have an adverse affect on their person or property, an allegation I know cannot be proven, and the only way this can be objectively settled is either through acceptance of the fact or through court.

I intend to rely on the fact that to be homeless etc, burdens the community and therefore it would need to be proven that implementing this model would not only burden others, but more so than if I was homeless. I know that this cannot be proven.

Who is going to challenge me in court? I don’t know, but I must prepare myself for the possibility that it may have to go this far.

It is my hope that by sharing this model with others, we may together come to find a way to implement this model without having to take it as far as court, but most importantly, to find a way to implement it without going through the political arena.

In this way, it need not become some public affair but will enable people to implement it without others around them needing to know, and in this way, the users of the model are not shoving their beliefs down other peoples necks, and at the same time, not putting themselves at risk of being mocked or shunned because they operate under a different model and belief system.

What would be of great benefit is if we could get some religious and philosophical leaders and teachers on board, because there is more chance of having the government understand the merits behind such a model if it came from more prominent members of the community.



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